Our Women Biblical Leadership podcast is a collection of teachings from live interactive seminars hosted monthly from 2020-2022. We are honored to provide this teaching platform to give voice to the teaching gift of the many women you find featured and bring to light much of the insight and wisdom the women in Scripture offer us for our questions of today.

Season 3: Ezer Communities
Season 2: Exploration of Ezer
Season 1: A Biblical Look at Leadership Qualities

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Women of Wonder Keynote

Women of Wonder Keynote

WOW! helps women become rooted in their identity through a supportive spiritual community. As a woman and in my experience as a Chinese American woman, you can feel alone in your call to ministry. You have to forge. new paths often without the kind of mentors or support networks that others may have. You also sustain wounds and many micro cuts from those who don’t think. you should be preaching or pastoring or leading a ministry. You’re not always. invited to the table. But guess what? You don’t need a formal invitation from others, when God has invited you!!!

God gave me this image of staying and playing in the rapids right around...
What did I do?

What did I do?

“What did I do?” I have asked myself many times in the past year. I asked myself this question even more as the new year started, the “anniversary” of the start of this pandemic happened,

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