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Our Commitment to Solidarity

June 11, 2020


The entire Women of Wonder (WOW!) Leadership Team unapologetically stands in solidarity with our Black brothers and sisters and commit to care for and amplify Black voices in our community. We acknowledge and renounce the systems of racism and implicit bias that have erected barriers to communities of color to flourish spiritually, economically, and socially. Through mixed emotions of anger, sorrow, and hopelessness we faithfully look to Jesus’s example to renew institutions and healing communities.

Rayshard Brooks, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd are four more names that will reverberate through our nation’s catacombs of injustice. We are distressed that an entire community must endure the senseless loss of lives cut short through police brutality. Lives made in the Image of God and given to this world to project the breadth of God’s beauty and wonder. Their lives mattered, as does the lives of every Black woman and man under heaven matters. In that truth alone we mourn, we weep, and we kneel in prayer for God’s justice to come like a mighty river.

Our mission to walk alongside women to uncover and affirm their calling through prayer, teaching and celebration will continue. We are resolved to actively work to see our sisters of African-descent soar to greater heights than ever before. We recognize and will continue to do our best in honoring the rich history of Black spirituality that has been woven into the tapestry of the American church. A spirituality that gave birth to change-makers like Sojourner Truth, Rev. Jarena Lee, Rev. Florence Spearing Randolph, and Coretta Scott King. It is our hope that WOW! will be a place of refuge for future female leaders across all ethnicities to be heard, embraced, and empowered to fulfill their God-given calling.

We understand that there are many people in our community who have begun an inward journey to heal and learn. To meet this need we are available to help you and others untangle these complex feelings. You may directly reach out to our team for prayer and soul care.

– Erika Lee, erika@womenofwonder.us

– Manni Lee, manni@womenofwonder.us

– May Lee, may@womenofwonder.us

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