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The work of theology is done en junto, together.

Kat Armas, Abuelita Faith


The Table is a community of monthly givers whose support provides pathways to connection and care for all who engage with our ministry. Will you join us?



Our goal for Giving Tuesday 2023 is to raise an additional $3000 in monthly giving by the end of 2023.

Join us in making more room at the table. 


​​Far too often, women face resistance as to where they can freely use their voice and gifts to fulfill their calling. Systemic inequities and barriers, internal and external, can seem so overwhelming. What can one person do?

WOW! believes that together, we can make. a difference. We are seeking allies to provide sustainable support for spaces for women to create, collaborate, and be commissioned to lead and flourish in their communities — just the way God has designed.

WOW! seeks to expand the table. Will you take a seat?


It was lessons in listening for me. It was lessons in hearing different versions of Scripture through this quiet, quiet space… What I like about WOW! is this pursuit to know God in such an intimate way, that we have practices we can be part of. We can take part in a corporate activity and still have our own insight into what God is pressing on our hearts and what he’s asking us to do… This silent retreat brought out of us a space where we can hold each other in what God has made us to be. And that is new for us.

Eva Eckles, Table Member

What WOW provides is not just [time] to quiet yourself down and reflect but to really invite God into your presence and really listen to what God may be saying in this time in different ways and channels… In Genesis before God spoke the world into existence, the spirit was hovering over the world, in a sense, incubating. Allowing God to come in and incubate over us, to hover over us, to sink in and soak into the deeper parts of our hearts and souls — that’s what WOW! provides that’s very unique, that not a lot of people provide, and that a lot of people struggle with… 

[WOW!] helps people connect with God and with one another. We want to build something that really has that community feel, where God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit are central to the community as a whole. 

There are a lot of things to consider along the way. And it takes a collective group, a collective community, not just one person or thing. It’s every person here and beyond. We all play a part. And that’s what I get excited about.

Don Choi, Table Member

What I love about WOW! is that it loves people, it serves people, and it brings people closer to Jesus. And it does all of that in a very graceful way, full of grace.

Bruce Feffer, Table Member

It’s great to see a space that is very safe for women to be empowered, to be among others who are very empowered and not have to fight for every piece that they have. But just already be in a space where they have an equal say in anything.. Being around that type of culture… It’s just a really great experience.

Josh Silencio, Table Member

What keeps me coming back to WOW! is that I learned that God really speaks. Not just through the Bible, not just through [other] people, but he speaks to us directly. It made God more personal to me.

Kymare Hutchinson, Table Member

This organization has been an integral part of my faith journey. WOW! was initially introduced to me through my sister in Christ and coworker, Belly Hom. She is a childhood friend of the founder, Rev. Grace May. After observing Grace’s zest for teaching women in ministry, my curiosity peaked.

WOW! has been a good fit since I consider myself as a lifetime student of the Bible. They encourage and motivate women (and men) to mature in Christ through Bible study. Participation in the Women of the Bible classes has been especially useful in gaining knowledge of our biblical sheroes. These lively discourses are usually followed by a Q&A and break out groups to further engage in lively discussions. This has awakened a desire in me to do personal research and learn more. I have learned historic information, which only enhances previous knowledge of Bible passages.

Lastly, WOW! is a multicultural organization that offers people an environment to invest in godly friendships. I view myself as a supporter and cheerleader for WOW! and the work they continue to do.

Caroline Telfer, Table Member

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