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Women in Leadership? Well, why not?

September 17, 2020

Often the Bible seems to place women in lower position than men and focuses on the achievements of men more than those of women. In chapter 5 of the book of Genesis in the 2nd verse it says, “He created them male and female and blessed them. And when they were created, He called them ‘man’”. As you can see, both men and women have been blessed by God. Men and women are to complement each other; the strengths of one can offset the weaknesses of the other. The same holds true in the church.

We are all given spiritual gifts to use to glorify God. Some have been blessed with gifts of administration, teaching, preaching, service, giving, healing, hospitality and leadership to name a few. God has provided these gifts to fulfill the purpose He has for our life. Doesn’t it make sense that if God has provided you with a spiritual gift that you are supposed to use it regardless of your gender? When people are not using their gifts, problems arise. As the apostle Paul states, the gifts are to be used to edify the body of Christ. If a woman has been blessed with the spiritual gift of leadership she must use it, or else she will not be as effective for the work of the Lord.

Throughout the Bible, we have examples of women who took on the role of leader. Deborah was a judge, Miriam was a prophetess, Lydia was a church leader who influenced her household to accept Christ when Paul visited and Priscilla was a teacher alongside her husband, Aquila. This is just a small sample of women in leadership. What would have happened if these women had the attitude that they could not lead because they were women? Sometimes God uses the “perceived weaker sex” to lead. If the Lord has given you the spiritual gift of leadership use it to honor God. Set the right example whether He created you male or female!

Wayne Vaughan

Brother Wayne Vaughan serves as the Christian Education Coordinator and Men’s Ministry co-chair of the Mount Ollie Baptist Church in Brooklyn, New York. He is the author of Keeping Your Church Alive: Advice for Pastors, Leaders and Active Members.