The first quarter of 2021 passed in the blink of an eye. It also marked that we have lived in this new normal for more than a year.

“What did I do?”

I have asked myself many times in the past year. I asked myself this question even more as the new year started, the “anniversary” of the start of this pandemic happened, and the email informing us to go back to the office showed up in my inbox.

“What did I do?”

Since I work from home, I take advantage of the extra hours from no commute. I now have more time to take care of chores, to bake and to rest.

I was able to declutter and reorganize my possessions. I realized how much junk I bought and kept. I remembered how I once treasured them. Thought that they were nice and cute. Thought that I would make good use of them. However, maybe it is the pandemic or I have changed, I did not want to keep them anymore. Some of them looked old and outdated. Some of them seem worthless. Now I want more space. I want to make room for something new.

I am grateful that I joined the Soul Care Cohort and the Discernment with WOW! during the pandemic. I surely needed some nurturing in order for my soul to carry on and some reminders for myself to be still in order to look, listen and feel. My Lord really takes care of me and reveals to me in many ways. He brings me surprises, gives me joy and makes me cry. He never gives up on me but waits for me.

Now, I am preparing myself for the new direction the Lord has given me. I may be slow and hesitate at times , but I am getting there. I pray that I am able to follow God’s trail marks as I am discovering a new normal.

Yes, that’s what I’ll do.

Chelsia Tam

Chelsia Tam is a New York City employee who is also living out her calling to preach and teach as their part-time minister at Bayside Community Bible Church in Bayside, NY. She preaches regularly in the Cantonese and Mandarin services, and ministers to the youth at the church. She enjoys counseling with her husband, Calvin, at Klema Worship Ministry. Even with all that's taking place, she continues to find space to exercise her other passions- leading worship, singing and baking.