Celebrating the birth of Jesus reminds us that we are under new management with a fresh voice of hope and peace. In celebration of this good news, God has blessed WOW! with a new voice for 2020 which will deepen our calling and greater clarity to our identity.

GRAVITAS describes our sense of dignity based on being made in God’s image. God’s image knits our diversity together into one canopy. In community we honor and respect each other. We engage in soul-care to stay intimate with God and be grounded in our identity and be more Christ like.

INCISIVE represents our desire to sharpen the understanding of God’s design for leadership.  We want to clearly, simply and without force convey that God has made room for each of us to lead and flourish in the kingdom. As we grow in the understanding of how our identity, gifts, and calling are a reflection of God’s image, we show up with holy confidence and invite others to do the same.  

BRAVE is being present in times of anxiety and doubts and allow courage to take our hand and lead us to the finish line of what God has called you to do. God’s calling at times may take us to our limits, where things seem impossible. We believe that this is the place where we risk failing, risk our reputation and surrender to God’s brave voice to lead the rest of the way. 

INTEGROUS is being rooted in God and embodying it in our actions. We align our beliefs and actions with God’s values and live it out authentically.  When being integrous is challenged we exercise the freedom to choose God’s ways. Even if our environment or circumstances are distracting, we remind ourselves that in all we do we do it for the glory of the Lord. 

REVITALIZING happens whether we gather for a cup of coffee or a meal with one of our WOW! friends. We often find our time renewing, life giving, and full of the Spirit’s presence. We recognize that our times together are sacred and our conversations reveal the wonderful ways we are deeply intertwined with God and one another. We gift each other with empathy that is often clothed in laughter, tears, frustrations, joy, and stillness. Our love and support is apparent when we engage ourselves fully and completely in the journey. We never fail to pray, which is not always in person, but in texting, emailing, or in zoom/video conferencing. We strive to create space to celebrate our being together.

~ WOW! Team