Creating spaces

to See Sisters Soar

Giving wings to our sisters, helping them find their voice, making space for them to just be. And the more we make all of this possible, the more freedom we can have in the church.

Manni Lee, WOW! Community Care Director and Spiritual Director



The story of the Bible starts with creation. So with the Scriptures as our foundation, WOW! affirms that we each have a story that we co-create with the ultimate Creator. God invites each of us to join him in a joyful journey of discovery through practices such as spiritual disciplines, spiritual discernment, and contemplative prayer.


WOW! models collaborative leadership. Collaboration is showing up as you are and sharing whatever you bring to the table. It is a deep hospitality to make room for what everyone has to bring. We believe we are stronger when we bring our full presence and our diverse perspectives and work together. There is friendship, companionship, and joy as we journey together.


 We believe that women are called and gifted by God to lead in our communities  – from ministry, business, public service, and beyond. WOW! is committed to uplifting women through equipping and commissioning them to flourish in these callings. We invite allies of all genders to work with us to usher in equitable systems in the Church and in our communities.

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WOW! is a 501c3 Nonprofit organization, Tax ID 45-3705920